icon-imgWhat is the age limit for climbing?
Any child and/or adult can climb, but you should consult a physician if you have specific questions about your health, relating to climbing.icon-imgWhat should I wear?
You can wear any clothes you’re comfortable working out in.icon-imgWhat climbing gear do I need?
Climbing shoes are mandatory, because they are specifically designed to fit tightly, and are sticky on the outside, which enables easier and more efficient climbing. Harnesses are required for using auto belays, but not bouldering.icon-imgWhat is bouldering?
Bouldering is a style of climbing done on shorter walls, usually 12’ or lower. Feel free to ask any member of our staff for a bouldering orientation.icon-imgWhat is an auto belay and do I need to take a class?
An auto belay is a device which allows a climber to rope climb without a partner. To get started using our auto-belays, please ask the front desk for a mandatory orientation.icon-imgWhy does Rock’Em Not Sock’Em have a code of conduct?Bullying is an epidemic, and we want to help fix it.icon-imgWhat does rock climbing have to do with bullying?
A lot, because climbing helps build confidence, focus and problem solving skills, all necessary elements to building positive healthy relationships, rather than negative ones.icon-imgCan I contact Rock’Em Not Sock’ Em, anonymously with any questions?
Yes, you can always contact us at with any inquiries.icon-imgWill your facility offer memberships?
Yes, daily, monthly and yearly memberships are available, all with discounts for adding additional family members.

icon-imgWill your facility offer birthday parties, corporate events and adult parties?
Yes, we’ll offer all of these and more.

icon-imgCan we rent out the entire place for an event?
Yes, depending on the desired day/time.

icon-imgWill Rock’ Em Not Sock’ Em offer franchise opportunities?
Yes, since bullying is an epidemic, we would be willing to talk to prospective select people about the prospect of using our name, concept and branding.

icon-imgWhat is a freedom climber?
It’s a revolutionary climbing device that rotates circularly by using the person’s weight and balance to move it.

icon-imgDo you offer anything aside from rock climbing?
Yes, we offer:

  • Auto belays-700 feet of wall space
  • Inverted Climbing-150 feet
  • Bouldering-1500 feet of wall space
  • Freedom Climber
  • Climbing Rings
  • Peg Boards
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Knotted Ropes
  • Cargo Net
  • Climbing Balls
  • Campus Boards
  • Timed contests

icon-img Do you offer financial support for families with special needs children?
Yes, we are approved for Membership Under Self-Direction. Please contact us for further information.

icon-imgAre there any perks and/or benefits to being a yearly member or recurring monthly member?
Yes. Yearly members and recurring monthly members are entitled to a free week. 

icon-imgDo you offer climbing classes?
Yes, we do! We have adult and children’s climbing classes. Please ask us for details.